Empowerment: monitoring your mental mind

Empowerment is a Blessing! Empowerment is a gift! Empowerment can Be Golden!

However, Empowerment takes hard work to over ride our mental mind to use our heart.

Empowerment is a term used often to encompass enlightenment, self-love, mindfulness, spiritual awareness, even mental health. However, easy to compare, elaborate or define, using it as a part of your daily existence proves much harder than once believed.

As a human being, using our mental mind daily, we rely on thoughts, feelings and behaviors to navigate our day. Our mind much like a computer processing unit, utilizes the information inputted to make choices and generate information. Therefore, we must become aware of the information being generated, the choices being made and the emotional result of these actions.

Starting the process of transition, involves use your brain as an asset.  Take the time to reflect on your thinking and its content. Utilizes a pad of paper to recall the numerous thoughts your have each day.  Categorize them to positive, negative, neutral.

Take the week to analyze the thoughts and percentage of negative thoughts vs. positive thoughts. When you are able to acknowledge negative thoughts in the making, use your cognitive strengths to replace the negative thought with the positive alternative.

Good luck! Namaste, DrDWellness


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